Monday, 13 October 2008

Shofolk in Handelsblatt

alaric truffle in Handelsblatt in Germany.   

no idea what it says about it but the pictures nice.


nono82 said...

i tried a rudimental translation of the text - they semm to like your shoes:

Alaric Truffle from Shofolk

In the life of most men there will come the question, if they want to wear the rest of their life always the same peter-panian sneakers. Until now there were no alternatives that appear earnest but not austere. With shoes like the Alaric you can combine sneakers- and the derby-style. The thin form and the rubber sole are sneakerlike, but the material is evocative of classic leather shoes. This makes him to a stylistic miracle of combination. A suit wins a fancier dimension and jeans get more sincerity and attitude.

Folk said...

thanks! they've got down what we're trying to do nicely.